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StaticsPosted by Bert 12 Oct, 2016 19:04:16
I was trying to see my trafic on my new domain.
Because of an old computer (working under Window Vista) I was getting under outlook that the control Panel was not supporting the old browser.

Google Chrome gave me only a blanco page.

I'm now trying for the first time Opera. That did the trick. I saw that I had 100 visitors in one week. A few where my, but also a lot from America.

I was interesting how they come on my web, because I had no advertising and the link active is only interesting for Eurobilltrackers so only in Europe.

Lately I'm getting a lot of e-mail (SPAM) with offers for Web design, Logo design and more of that crab.

What is doing with my e-mail address and my other details????

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